Thailand spousal surveillance


If you’re concerned about what your significant other is up to during their southeast-asian trip, you can have piece of mind with the discreet and thorough surveillance service I offer.

Contact me and we’ll discuss your situation and talk about what I can do to help.

Thailand spousal surveillance


If your kids are cutting loose for the first time after finishing high school, you want them to have good time, but be safe.

You might or might not want them to know that you’re hiring someone to make sure that they get home safely – either way, I can provide that extra level of assurance by either acting as a guide and supervisor, or covertly keeping track of them for you.

Just get in touch and let me know what your needs and are and we’ll go over what can be done.

Medical escort service

Medical Escort

Whether to or from Australia.

Contact me and we’ll talk about what you need.